Ciao a tutti, siamo Signora Eleonora Schembri e Signora Heather Foletta,  gli insegnanti d’italiano a Greenvale Primary. Benvenuti a 2024.

(Hello everyone, we are Mrs Eleonora Schembri and Mrs Heather Foletta, the Italian teachers at Greenvale Primary.  Welcome to 2024).

Every student from Foundation to Year 6 will study Italian for the whole year for one hour a week. Students will cover a specific theme or topic for a given number of weeks, learning the Italian language while also gathering an understanding and appreciation for the Italian culture.  At Greenvale Primary School students will apply their learning in Italian in a variety of ways:  through speaking and listening, reading and writing, playing language games, ICT, performances and singing. All classes will be learning greetings and numbers.

Our topics in Term 1 were:

Foundation:  Pinocchio and greetings

Year 1/2:  Mangia Mangia (Eat! Eat!)

Year 3/4:  La Gallinella Rossa (The Little Red Hen)

Year 5/6:  La Macchinetta Rossa (The Little Red Car)

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