1-1 Device Program

Our 2023 1-1 Device Program is well underway. Any student from Year 4 to 6 who would like to obtain a device during the year can now purchase one via our Learning With Technologies current student portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy a replacement stylus pen, power adaptor, or case?
Why do I have to purchase a device from the school portal?

We do not run a bring your own device program at our school.

The devices we use are carefully selected to meet the needs of the year 4-6 program here at school. They are provided with 3-year warranties (to last from year 4 to 6) and optional but strongly recommended accidental damage insurance. 

Please also be aware that the pricing we offer on our portal is not comparable to other devices you will find online at JB Hifi or Officeworks, etc. The devices we offer are a special education edition that cannot be bought in retail stores. The insurance and warranty above are also not generally offered outside of the education setting.

This also allows our school technicians to fully support the devices and handle all issues and warranty/insurance claims on your behalf, ensuring that students have minimal time without a device. Warranty and insurance repairs are performed at school, whereas dealing with a retail store on this would require sending a computer away (sometimes taking 6 – 8 weeks). In some cases, we can even offer a temporary replacement device for students to bring home while their own is being repaired. School technicians would not be able to support devices bought from retail stores.

Our 1-1 Device Program is completely optional to join and if you decide not to take part, a shared school-owned device will be available for your child to use in the classroom.

If you would like to speak to our IT Coordinator (Joyce Hickling) about this, please call the school office on 9333 2500. Please keep in mind that Joyce is a classroom teacher so you will most likely need to leave a message and she will return your call. If you call in the afternoon she will likely return your call the following day.

Can I take my child's 1-1 device to a shop or a friend to be repaired (or attempt to repair it myself)?

No. This will void the warranty and insurance on the device, meaning that no future repairs will be covered. The school IT Department are here to provide the simplest and most cost-effective support.

Should I buy insurance?

We are not legally allowed to force parents to purchase insurance but we strongly suggest that you do.

The most common use for the insurance policy that is available to you is accidental damage caused to devices by dropping them or spilling something on them. We’ve had cases where parents did not purchase an insurance policy and then the device was subjected to a liquid spill, and the repair bill far exceeded the initial cost of the device. If these families had purchased insurance, the device could have been fixed for $100.

What is the process for addressing issues with my child's device?
  1. Students should first see their classroom teacher about any issues. The teacher should be able to address whether this is something that they can easily fix or that a Texpert can fix in the classroom. 
  2. If the issue cannot be addressed in the classroom, the device will be sent to our school IT Department.
  3. The IT Department will either repair the device or determine that a warranty or insurance claim will need to be made. In this case, the claim process will be handled by the IT Department.
  4. In the case of insurance claims, a $100 insurance excess applies. A note will be sent home to parents explaining the issue and requesting permission to make a claim.
  5. Either warranty or insurance claims can anywhere from a few days to two weeks. In the meantime, a device will be available in the classroom for the student to share. In certain cases (although not for insurance claims), a device may be available for the student to take home.