School History

In 1867, the decision to establish a “common” school in Greenvale brought much outcry from residents who had their children enrolled at Bulla School number 42 at Oaklands Junction and Euroke School number 230 as these schools were destined for closure.

A prominent local, Mr John McKerchar, managed to gain the approval from the Board of Education to establish a Greenvale school on a one acre site. The Board granted 155 pounds towards the erection of a brick building with a similar amount being contributed to by locals.

Greenvale Primary School was officially opened on 23 March 1868 with Mr George Hancock appointed as the first Head Teacher. An enrolment of sixty students had been planned and by 1874 this had risen to over eighty. Extensions were planned and provided.

The school building was deliberately destroyed by fire on December 9th 1932 with the offender being sentenced to 12 months imprisonment. The timber building, still standing on Somerton Road, was built to meet the needs of the time.

The school continued to grow and with the development of the housing estate to the east of Mickleham Road in the early 1980s, the Education Department decided to build a modern school on the Bradford Avenue site. On 10 April 1988 Greenvale Primary School officially relocated to the new site, retaining the original number of 890.

In 2001 a substantial building upgrade was completed providing five additional classrooms, a vastly expanded library and a suite of administrative and staff facilities. School Council directed considerable locally raised funds to enhance the upgrade to the standard enjoyed today.

John McKerchar & Family
John McKerchar & Family
McKerchar & Family
1923 School Photo

In 2010 six new modern and high-tech classrooms were built through the “Building the Education Revolution” program.

The school proudly continues the tradition of “Serving the Community since 1868”.

Greenvale Primary School 1868 to 2010

The above document “Greenvale Primary School 1868 to 2010” is a brief history of our school.