Student Leadership Conference CANCELLED

The Student Leadership Conference, which was to be held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on Tuesday 17th March,  has been cancelled.

All student leaders will be expected to attend school instead.

The costs for the excursion will be credited to your child’s school account and can be used to pay for future activities and excursions.

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COVID-19 Update – 16 March

As a school, we receive regular updates and advice from the Education Department about COVID-19 and implement these as required.

The Education Department continues to monitor the progress and implications for schools due to COVID-19.  They will respond to the advice and direction given by the Victorian Chief Health Officer and the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and then inform all schools as to these expectations.


Following is some important information and updates about COVID-19-

  1. SCHOOL CLOSURES – No government school is currently closed or in the process of being closed. Schools will be informed directly if there is any prospect that they need to be closed, either as a stand-alone school closure or as part of a local or area-based closure. You will be informed if that is the case for us.


  1. School excursions to local parks and sporting facilities regularly used by the school, including swimming lessons held at a local swimming pool, can continue. All other excursions must be cancelled or postponed


  1. All schools camps must be cancelled or postponed.


  1. Any school event that involves attendance by community members who are not students or staff, and where total attendance will exceed
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STEM/ Science Rotations

This term, the Year 4’s have been enjoying a range of STEM challenges and following a Scientific Method to test our curiosity through Science Experiments.

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COVID-19 online safety kit from the office of the eSafety Commissioner

The eSafety Commissioner has provided this COVID-19 online safety kit for parents and carers.

See it here

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Ciao a tutti…….   (Hello everyone….),

Just a reminder of two free websites to practice the Italian language.  Not only can you practice Italian but many other languages as well!

Languages online has engaging interactive tasks and printable worksheets that introduce, reinforce and recycle vocabulary. Activities are self-paced and self-correcting and include recordings by native speakers  languagesonline

Duolingo is the world’s most popular way to learn a language. It’s 100% free, fun and science-based. Practice online on or on the apps!

I have also attached the Common word list again for your reference.  Please revise this with your child.

Common Word List

Grazie (Thank you)

Signora Eleonora Schembri and Signora Heather Foletta

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Year 3 Science!

This term our Year 3 students have been exploring the topic of Science! During the term, students have been involved in conducting various science experiments and expanding their scientific knowledge, method and vocabulary. With each experiment students had to include the Scientific Method – Title, Aim and POE (Predict, Observe and Explain).

Before the experiment, students identified the aim and wrote a prediction of what might happen during the experiment? As a class we would discuss why students created their aim and why they think it will happen?

During the experiment, students wrote an observation. They were encouraged to both draw and write about what happened during the experiment using scientific vocabulary.

Finally, once students had conducted the experiment, they went on to write an explanation. As a class we brainstormed ideas on the scientific reasoning and what we learnt throughout the experiment.

Students have been engaged and displayed curiosity throughout all the experiments!

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Mad About Science in Year 2

In Week 7, the Year 2 students became super scientists and attended the Mad About Science Incursion. They created chemistry chaos by testing and observing biodegradable materials, made carbon dioxide and used an indicator to determine how acidic or basic everyday substances were. They were all very excited to take part in the session and below are some photos from the day.

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