Over the course of Term 4, Greenvale Primary school had multiple sporting events where some of our Grade 4,5 and 6 students competed in Finals for Athletics, Rugby, Volleyball, Tennis and Cricket.

Region Athletics 

On Wednesday 11th of August, Greenvale Primary School had 15 students competing at the North Metro Region Athletics Carnival at Meadowglen International Athletics Track.

We had students competing in Shot Put, High Jump, Long Jump, 200m, 800m, 1500m as well as 2 4×100 relay teams.

The students performed amazing, competing well and showing great sportsmanship throughout the day. Although none finished in the top 3, to even make it this far is an achievement in itself.

To make it this far into Region Athletics, students were able to win at our local athletics Carnival, District Athletics and Division Athletics. In the process, students competed against 252 different schools!

A phenomenal effort, one at which the school is extremely proud of. A wonderful job to all students who competed.


Rugby Gala Day

On Friday the 13th of October, Greenvale Primary School had 2 teams compete at the NRL Billy Slater Challenge Rugby Gala Day. We had a boy’s tackle team and a girl’s tag team compete against various schools in the Cragieburn and Greenvale areas.

The students had an excellent day, although points were not tallied on the day. They had an exciting time experience a sport some may not have played in before.Well done everyone on a great day!

Division Volleyball Finals 

On Friday 20th of October, our Volleyball girls team competed at Dallas Brook Primary School in the Woodlands Division Volleyball Finals. It was a fantastic day for the girls, they were able to win one game and competed hardly all day. Coming narrowly close to winning their other games. The girls displayed all of the school values and had an excellent day!

Division Tennis Finals

On Wednesday 24th of October, Greenvale Primary School sent a boys and girls Hot Shots Tennis team to Greenvale Tennis Club. Competing in the Woodlands Division Hot Shots Tennis Gala Day. Both teams competed well across the day. The boys went undefeated across the day and finished 1st overall, qualifying for the Region Tennis finals. The girls team battled hard all day, ending up finishing 3rd overall.


Region Tennis

Our Boys Hot Shot Tennis team returned to Greenvale Tennis Club to compete in the North Metro Region Hot Shots Tennis competition on Friday 3rd of November. The boys competed in a round robin tournament, facing 5 other schools. They won 3 games and lost 2, overall finishing 3rd in the 6 school competition. An amazing effort to make it this far, Grenvale Primary School is extremely proud of their effort. Always showing the school values and represented the school with pride.

Division Cricket 

On Friday October 27th, Greenvale Primary School sent a boys and girls cricket team to Dallas Brook Primary School to compete in the Woodlands Division Cricket Finals. Both boys and girls competed well all day, the boys won 2 games and lost 2 overall finishing 4th in the 8 team competition. The girls won 1 game and lost 2, finishing 5th overall in the 6 team competition. Fantastic effort by both teams, representing the school with pride and showing great sportsmanship during the day