Term 3 Interschool Sport Finals

Over the course of Term 3, Greenvale Primary School has had multiple teams compete in Division Finals, here are all our results!

Division Football Boys Finals

On Thursday 20th of July, our Football boys team competed at the Woodlands Division Football Boys Finals. This was held at Greenvale Reserve, the boys competed well all day, Losing their first game to Westmeadows 30-14 then defeated Wallan 25-21. We played off in the 3rd place playoff and won against Meadows P.S

An awesome effort from our boys, who showed the school values proudly. Well done and thanks to Ms Wynd for taking them on the day!

Division Netball Boys Finals

On Friday 4th of August our Boys Netball team traveled to Boardman Stadium in Sunbury to compete in the Woodlands Division Boys Netball Finals. They played 5 games across the day, unfortunately only managing to win one game. The boys tried valiantly all day and their persistence to keep trying was unmatched.

Thank you to Taylah for coaching the boys on the day!

Division Tee-ball Finals

During Term 3, our boys, and girls Tee-ball teams competed in the Division and Regional Tee-ball Finals.

Our finals tour started at Jacana Reserve on Monday the 31st of July. Both boys and girls played 2 matches to see if they would make it into the Grand Final.

The boys lost the first match 10-6 to Aitken College and won the 2nd match 14-13 to Wallan P.S. Unfortunately they did not qualify for the finals, but finished 4th overall in all schools.

Our girls started with a massive 28-0 win over Wallan P.S before another 13-5 win over Aitken College meant they competed in the Grand Final against Cambellfield Heights P.S.

The Girls fought hard but lost 16-9. Due to our results, we were invited to attend the Regional Finals on August 9th.

Region Tee-ball Finals

Our Girls were invited to attend the North Metro Region Tee-ball finals on August 9th at Mill Park Recreation Reserve.

The girls competed in 4 matches across the day, winning 2 and losing 2 to confidently finish 3rd overall against all the schools. A massive achievement for the day!

All our students showed all the school values with pride and were excellent in their sportsmanship and respect for the umpires and opposition in all of our final’s events. Bring on Term 4 Finals!