National Science Week was an amazing week for our students at Greenvale Primary School. Every classroom participated in a variety of activties related to Earth and Space Science, some students in F-6 entered in a Science competition and Fizzics Education ended the week with a bang!

Science Competition

Our Science competition saw over 100 entries from Foundation to Year 6. It was amazing to see so much effort placed into each piece of work and to know that so many of our families had lots of discussion about space and the moon. Entries were judged on the criteria for each year level and there were 5 winners from each category. Congratulations to every student who entered the competition.



Students were to make their own astronaut using materials they had at home.


Year 1/2

Phases of the Moon

Students were to create a piece of artwork showing the phases of the moon.


Year 3/4

3D Moon Model

Students were to create a 3D model terrain of the moon incorporating and listing at least 5 main features.


Year 5/6

Moon Rover

Students were to make a moon rover that moved independently.

Students were to include their design brief with their completed rover.


1st place – Eva 0RC

2nd place – Sarran 0RC

3rd place – Sema 0CM

4th place – Ella 0TD

5th place – Vanshika 0TD

1st place – Ebony 2MP

2nd place – Layla 2HW

3rd place – Brodie 2CH

4th place – Hannah 1RA

5th place – Sienna 1RA

1st place – Keira 4AK

2nd place – Eva 3/4S

3rd place – Dumini 4MM

4th place – Lucy 3/4S

5th place – Eran 3/4S

1st place – Oscar 5/6H

2nd place – Alexia 5JW

3rd place – Sabrina 5BM

4th place – Ahmad 6RR

5th place – Emmanuel 6VK



Science Incursion – Tick Tick BOOM!

On Friday 16th August, Fizzics Education ran a one hour show for Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 students. Our presenter Jacqui presented a number of different experiments, some of which required help from the audience. We ended Science Week with a huge bang through a controlled explosion.

The following chemical science concepts were covered:

  • air pressure differentials
  • the effect of surface area on reaction rates
  • combustion requirements
  • properties of liquid nitrogen
  • applications of controlled explosions