Protecting Victoria’s Vulnerable Children

Dear parents,

As a result of the Protecting Victoria’s Vulnerable Children Inquiry, the Betrayal of Trust report was recently tabled in Parliament which included fifteen recommendations which were all accepted. The implementation of one of these recommendations was the introduction of Child Safe Standards for organisations providing services for children.

What does this mean for us at Greenvale Primary School? We already have many policies and procedures in place to protect the safety of all of our students from abuse in line with these new Child Safety Standards requirements and have made arrangements to ensure that we meet any perceived gaps.

Further steps we had to put in place are:

  1. The writing of a Child Safety Policy stating our commitment to child safety.
  2. A Statement of Commitment to Child Safety.
  3. The development of a school Code of Conduct that establishes clear expectations for appropriate adult behaviour with children and making this known within the school community.

For more information on the Child Safe Standards go to the Department of Health and Human Services site at or visit the Department of Education & Training’s site.

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Interschool Sport, Round 5 – HOME vs Good Samaritan

SPORT         HOME VS            AWAY          WIN/LOSS

Congratulations to the girls netball team for an undefeated season.
These girls will go onto play Divisional Finals in Term Three.

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Regional Cross Country 2017

On Wednesday 21st of June, four Greenvale PS students attended the Northern Metropolitan Region Cross Country.

Jasmine, Steven, Royce and Abbey represented our school with great pride and sportsmanship, running a challenging track against very strong opposition.
Unfortunately on this occasion, none of our students will progress to the state final.

Well done to all of these students, I hope to see you running the Cross Country again next year!

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Results: Parent Homework Survey 2017

Thank you to the 136 parents who responded. Great to see that we have so many interested parents. The Survey Monkey, however, only collated the first 100 responses for us. With such a fabulous response, we will upgrade the Survey Monkey for any future surveys sent home to allow inclusion of all responses.
The survey responses were spread fairly evenly from parents with an eldest child right across the various year levels of our school.

It was interesting to note that not all parents thought that homework was important for improving their child’s learning.Of all the homework tasks that parents felt were most relevant, Reading came in at number one with 84 parents agreeing, followed by Number facts with 61 parents agreeing. Most parents felt that between 15 to 30 minutes of homework was sufficient, with 13 % stating that no time should be given to homework at all. Not surprisingly, in response to Question 5 – “Does your child enjoy doing homework?”, 73 % of parents indicated Sometimes to Not at All. Views on whether homework should be compulsory were shared fairly evenly across the board ranging from Not Compulsory to Compulsory.

We intend to use the feedback from

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Excursion to Royal Botanical Gardens and Shrine of Remembrance

Last week the students visited the Royal Botanical Gardens and the Shrine of Remembrance as part of their Inquiry unit. Students participated in a “Welcome to Country” ceremony and walked around the gardens, where they were shown types of trees and plants that are used in Indigenous Australian culture. They created their own paintings using “ochre” paint and teachers were very impressed to see thoughts and ideas being shared when discussing different Indigenous Australian artefacts with their groups. Students also visited the Shrine of Remembrance, where they paid their respect for the sacrifices made by Australians who served in war. Some students were even given poppies to place on a wall by the shrine. Below are some photos of the day. Teachers were pleased to hear that the staff at the Shrine of Remembrance commented on students excellent behaviour. The year 4 team would like to commend the year 4 students for a successful day!



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Choir visits to Nursing Homes

A huge congratulations to the school Choir for their thoroughly entertaining performances today at 4 different Nursing Homes in the areas of Westmeadows, Tullamarine, Essendon and Meadow Heights. The Residents and Staff of the homes thanked the students for their wonderful singing. They sang some familiar songs such as ‘Waltzing Matilda’, ‘Lean on Me’, ‘Botany Bay’ and ‘Colour my World’. The choir students who attended consisted of children from Years 2 to 6. They practised every week during Friday lunchtimes. Their next performance will be at the September School Concert. Lots more practice, but loving it!

Mrs Heather Foletta

Performing Arts Teacher

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Melbourne Museum Excursion

In Term 2 the Year 1 students are learning about where they come from. They have had the opportunity to create a family tree and locate where their ancestors come from on a world map. Recently, students have also learnt about who the Indigenous Australians are and why the land was so important to them.

On Thursday the 8th of June, all Year 1 students visited the Melbourne Museum for their first excursion for the year. They were lucky enough to see the ‘First Peoples’ exhibit where they saw tools, clothes and many more exciting things used by Aborigines along with ‘The Melbourne Story’ where they travelled back to the past and got to walk through an old house, sit on the first roller coaster carriage from Luna Park and watch a short movie in an old cinema. They also had time to explore the ‘Wild’ section of the museum which houses many different species of bugs and animals including some skeletons.

It was a fantastic day and below are some photos from the Melbourne Museum.





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Year 5 and 6 exploring Languages Online

The Year 5 students have been learning how to read the date using the day and month.  The months of the year only need a capital letter if they are used at the beginning of a sentence.

gennaio, febbraio, marzo, aprile, maggio, giugno. luglio, agosto, settembre, ottobre, novembre, dicembre

The Year 6 students have been learning how to say Where do you live? (Dove abiti?) I live in……. (Abito in…….) They have also learnt the language of location, vicino (close/near) and lontano (far).

To consolidate their learning students played some games on Languages Online.  (Topic 13 Where do you live?) and (Topic 27 Saying the date).

Remember Languages Online is free, there are no passwords or log in.  Please encourage your child to revise the Italian language.


Signora Schembri and Signora Mirenda

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