Term 3 Science

During Term 3, the Year 3-6 students are learning about Chemical Science.

Year 3/4 Experiments

The Year 3/4 students have a focus on dissolving and melting. The students have undertaken a variety of experiments focusing on dissolving which allows a solid to become incorporated into a liquid, creating a solution. The students have also observed how heat causes solids to melt and change states into a liquid. They observed how the melted substance can then cool and return to a solid state.

  • Epsom Salt Crystals
  • Dissolving sugar
  • Colourful Ice
  • Dissolving solutes in different solvents
  • Melting

Year 5/6 Experiments

The Year 5/6 students are focusing on physical and chemical changes. The students have learnt how a physical change can be reversed, for example, water can change its state from a liquid (water) – solid (ice) – gas (water vapour) and all of these changes can be reversed. They also explored chemical reactions in a variety of experiments. The students were able to see some of the irreversible changes that occur during a chemical change, for example, a colour change, odour, bubbles/fizz (gas), the formation of a solid or a newly formed substance.

  • Physical Changes using common substances
  • Melting Chocolate
  • Exploding sandwich bags
  • Red Cabbage Liquid
  • Steel Wool