During Term 2, the Year 5/6 students learnt about energy, with a particular emphasis on electricity. We started the term exploring the history of electricity and the differences between static and current electricity. Students were exposed to the make up of atoms and the role electrons have in producing an electrical current.

Students used Makey Makey to explore circuits and replaced the arrow keys and spacebar on a computer with playdough, aluminium foil or even grey lead pencil!

Ilkay using Makey Makey to play Baby Shark


Myrrah using Making Makey to play Mary had a little lamb


They explored circuits by using electricity kits to make a fan or light bulb work and students have made a paper clip switch and pressure switch to demonstrate how an open or closed switch operates within a circuit.

The students finished the unit of work investigating renewable energy and how to be more sustainable. Below are some completed Infographic posters based on alternative energy sources.

Please click on each name to view their poster.

Abbey infographic


Ari’s Solar Energy Infographic


Tay infographic


Our second unit of work focused on Light. We explored how light travels and classified materials that light can pass through as either opaque, transparent, or translucent. Students investigated shadows and used mirrors to allow light rays to change direction. We looked at the difference between reflection and refraction.