Visit from the Mayor

As part of our unit on Civics and Citizenship, Year 4 students were very excited to welcome the Mayor of Hume Cr Geoff Porter to Greenvale Primary school. He explained his important role in the council. We also learned more about how the council provides services for aged care, children and babies as well as organising waste collection, school crossing supervisors and animal registration. The council is responsible for maintaining our parks, gardens, footpaths and build amazing facilities like Splash.

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Divisional Athletics 2018

On Monday September 10, 28 Greenvale Primary School students attended the Divisional Athletics at the Meadow Glen Athletics Track in Epping.

The team competed with great sportsmanship and athleticism throughout the day competing in a range of events including 100, 200, 800, 1500, high jump, long jump, triple jump, shot put, discus, hurdles and relay.

We experienced many outstanding results throughout the day and showed a heap of school spirit. Congratulations to the eleven students who will go onto compete at the Regional Athletics early in Term 4.

We wish you the best of luck!

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Senior Hooptime 2018

On Friday September 7th, the Greenvale Primary School Senior Hooptime students attended the Craigieburn Sports Stadium to complete in the district competition.

Our students competed in three levels of competition including All Star, Future Star and Rookies.

Our All Star Team showed great improvements in their team work and structures throughout the day, losing a few matches but never becoming dispirited. They finished off their last match with a draw in exciting and tight final seconds.

The Future Star Team played strongly throughout the day, winning all of their matches, up until the Grand Final. Unfortunately in this game they were caught off guard by a few fast breaks and found themselves behind with not enough time to catch up. Nevertheless, the team walked off court with (mostly) smiles still on their faces.

The Rookies team had a blast on court throughout the day, playing very strongly and winning all of their matches with great spirit and sportsmanship.

Well done to all students involved, you should be proud of your results and I hope to see you out on the sporting fields again soon!

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Foundation students’ excursion to the Werribee Zoo

On Friday the 31st August the Foundation students went on an excursion to the Werribee Zoo. One of the many highlights was the safari bus ride where the boys and girls were lucky enough to ‘visit Africa’. We saw the gorgeous giraffes, the rotund rhinos, the cranky camels and the agile antelope. Throughout the day the students visited a habitat haven and explored many of the other animals which were on display. The bus ride home was a lot quieter as many students fell asleep, exhausted from their fun filled day. Please enjoy the following photos that display the fun and excitement that was had by all.

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Bloke’s Breakfast

On Thursday the 30th of August, Foundation Students invited their Dad’s along to attend the Bloke’s Breakfast of 2018. The morning was icy cold, but all who attended were quickly warmed by the fresh, hot and tasty pancakes. The pancakes were quickly gobbled down and thoroughly enjoyed by all. We would like give a special thanks to the wonderful Mr Mac, Mr Carol, Mr Rovetto, Mr Mura and Mr Scollo who cooked up a storm!


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Performing Arts News September 2018

Last week the Year 6 students began presenting their ‘Composer’ projects to the class. Since the start of the term each student was required to choose a famous Composer from the past. They needed to find information and use a computer program to create an interesting slide show. After presenting their slide show they completed a self-assessment on how well they felt they went and what they could do to improve next time. Each Year 6 student was also required to complete a peer assessment for one student in the class.

After listening to some classical music from the Composers the students were quite surprised that they recognised the music, usually from TV commercials and movies. In fact Tchaikovsky’s music has been used for many children’s movies such as ‘Nutcracker Prince’ and ‘Barbie of Swan Lake’.

Some interesting facts. Did you know?

  • Edvard Grieg kept a good luck frog figurine in his pocket. He would pat it before each concert.
  • Joseph Haydn loved playing practical jokes. At age 17, he was kicked out of singing school, partly because he had cut off the pigtail of another boy, but mainly because he had “matured” and his once-beautiful voice had turned to
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Year 1 Incursion

The Year 1 students have been busy learning about Global Geography. Recently, they have investigated the 7 continents and 5 oceans. On Thursday the 30th of August, Students had the opportunity to view a play by ‘Two Friends Productions’. They met some weird and wacky characters along the way including amazing animals from various countries while they sailed around the world. The students had many laughs throughout the performance.

Below are a few photos that were taken throughout the play.


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