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Book Week!



On Tuesday the 21st we celebrated Book Week! Check out the amazing effort put in by some of the Year 5s!


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Descriptive Writing

Starry Starry Night

The strong breeze touches me with a tingle from the sky of beauty. The swirls of clouds in the night sky are an illusion. Waves of the hills slowly sweep away the black swirly skies. I hear rustling leaves on a tree while owls hoot the dark night away. I wander aimlessly through the quiet, eerie and deserted streets feeling invisible to the world.

By 5LD 2018

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Parliament Process Incursion

In weeks 4 and 6 the Year 5 students where they looked at the House of Representatives and the Senate. They participated in role plays where they had to vote and then debate their ideas to pass a bill. All students enjoyed themselves!


We were in the senate learning about government and democracy and how it works. One thing I learnt is that democracy is fair because you have to vote.

I really liked the fact that we all got to all participate in a role for a role play together and one thing I learnt was there are three stages a bill has to pass to become a law.

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Year 5 Swimming at Splash!

This week Grade 5s had swimming lessons. On the last day they had some water survival training and then got to play on the water playground and water slides! Here are a few snaps from the funfilled day!


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Year 5 Term 1 Class Captains

Congratulations to these students for being elected as Class Captains in year 5.

From 5EB
Xin Yu and Cristian Salvo

From 5LD
Omar Nabulsi and Amenah Elmohandis

From 5AS
Jacob Brewster and Rebekah Santiglia

From 5JW
Lauren Borg and Ahmed Karagozoglu




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