Year F-2 Tabloid Sports 2016

On Friday 9th December 2016; all Year F-2 students will participate in the Greenvale Primary School Tabloid Sports. The program is scheduled to run from approximately 9.30am until 1.30pm, (with a break for recess between 11.00am and 11.30am). The event will be held on the Bradford Avenue Council Oval, weather permitting.

During this fantastic day all students will participate in a range of events including, 50m sprints, kanga sack races, throwing games, parachute games, tunnel ball races, tag based games, egg and spoon races as well as bean bag balance relays.

All events are just for fun, promoting enjoyment and participation.

Students are invited to dress in their house colours and pack their usual healthy lunch, drink bottle and snack on the day. Students may wish to wear house coloured hair spray or zinc cream which must be applied at home, before arriving at school. Face paint will not be allowed.

Thank you to the parents who have volunteered to assist with the day.
We also invite all parents to come and watch their children participate in the many activities.

This is the second year that Greenvale Primary School have run an F-2 Tabloid Sports, so we hope it continues to bring great fun and excitement to all students, staff and parents involved.