Year 5 Camp to Phillip Island Adventure Resort

Phillip Island Adventure Resort

6th – 9th October

On Tuesday the 6th of October, the Year 5 students went to Phillip Island Adventure Resort.  Everyone was very excited to arrive.  After saying goodbye to our families we headed off for a long trip but it was all worth it when we saw the sparkling ocean and cabins waiting for us.

We had some delicious food including fish and chips, cheeseburgers, chicken wraps and much more.  We also got to enjoy some magnificent activities that some of us had never tried before.  I know the 18 metre high giant swing scared some people but everyone loved the extremely fast flying-fox.  Other students were very proud of their canoeing skills.  Other activities were circotron, archery, ponding and low ropes.

On Tuesday night we settled down and watched a movie.  On Wednesday night we went for a night walk. On Thursday afternoon we all walked to the beach after buying an ice-cream. We played in the sand and played different sports and had a blast.  Then it was time for our awesome disco on Thursday night – we were wearing our fabulous ‘glow in the dark’ t-shirts that we created earlier in the camp.  Everyone got a little bit crazy through the disco but we all pulled off some incredible dance moves.

On Friday everyone packed and got ready to get going home.  Although everyone had a great time we couldn’t be any happier to see our parents and families again.  We stopped at a nearby pelican feeding area to eat our lunch.  When we got back we were so happy to see our parents and we gave them a big hug.

We’d like to thank the parent helpers: Effie Santiglia, Louise Mifsud, Kerri Stan, Ravi Mahapatuna and Nicola Mott.  We’d also like to thank all the teachers: Mrs Doig, Miss Chilton, Mr Bouzikas and especially Mrs McLaren for organising this fantastic camp.

We couldn’t wait to tell our family about this incredible experience and would love to visit Phillip Island again.

(Monica Mifsud 5SM)

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