Year 5 and 6 exploring Languages Online

The Year 5 students have been learning how to read the date using the day and month.  The months of the year only need a capital letter if they are used at the beginning of a sentence.

gennaio, febbraio, marzo, aprile, maggio, giugno. luglio, agosto, settembre, ottobre, novembre, dicembre

The Year 6 students have been learning how to say Where do you live? (Dove abiti?) I live in……. (Abito in…….) They have also learnt the language of location, vicino (close/near) and lontano (far).

To consolidate their learning students played some games on Languages Online.  (Topic 13 Where do you live?) and (Topic 27 Saying the date).

Remember Languages Online is free, there are no passwords or log in.  Please encourage your child to revise the Italian language.


Signora Schembri and Signora Mirenda