To celebrate Numeracy week, the Year 3’s kicked off the week with a range of exciting learning activities within their classroom. We explored the question ‘How big is big?’ by creating paper aeroplanes and challenging students to see who could make the biggest paper plane that also flew the furthest. It was amazing to see students being creative and collaborating to try and win the race. Congratulations to all students for competing in the paper aeroplane challenge, especially to 3RR who took out the year level competition!

Students had a fantastic time participating in the World Math Incursion throughout the week, exploring real-world concepts by hefting frogs and solving puzzles with their peers.

The Year 3’s ventured out to the Bradford Oval, where they used a range of skills such as estimation, handpassing and kicking the football from different angles to investigate distance and time. Students used measurement trundles and stop watches, linking classroom learning and engaging with digital technology to research the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

To finish off a wonderful week, we gathered as a year level to have our Maths dress up day parade. Well done to all the wonderful Math Wizards who dressed up to celebrate this terrific week of Numeracy fun!