More Than Meets The Eye: Water

This term, Year 2 students have been exploring and unpacking the inquiry topic “More Than Meets The Eye”. Part of their investigation, students have explored the topic of Water as a natural resource. The students have learnt the different stages of the Water Cycle and the importance of saving water at home, community and at school.

Students participated in an incursion hosted by the Yarra Valley Water called Water Watchers. Through the incursion, students learnt about the necessity of water and ways to reduce water usage at home.

Students applied their learning by completing Water Cycle experiment using plastic zip lock bags. The experiment demonstrated the 3 stages of the Water Cycle: evaporation, condensation and precipitation. Students observed their findings of the experiment over the weeks.

This investigation was followed by a written procedure of the experiment. Students outlined the aim, materials and steps portraying as mini scientist in the classroom.