Year 2 – Cottage by the Sea Excursion

On Thursday 3rd December, the Year 2 students will be visiting Cottage by the Sea in Queenscliff. This excursion is related to our economics unit on needs and wants. Earlier this term, the Year 2 students had a visit from Anne Catchpole who spoke about the programs run by Cottage by the Sea for disadvantaged children. To support Cottage by the Sea, we are asking for donations of goods to take down to Queenscliff on our excursion. We will collect any new items from the wish list prior to the excursion.

Wish List Items:

ITEMS UNDER $100 (New items only)
boys clothes (sizes 8-14)

games for 10-13 year old boys

shorts & t-shirts (sizes 8-14)

sports socks

underwear – all sizes

tracksuit pants & tops – all sizes

balls – football, basketball, pingpong


novels by current authors

picture story books

toothbrushes + toothpaste

face washers

kitchen cleaning products, e.g. Ajax, White King (no detergent)


sunscreen – high quality 50+

Aeroguard spray

Glen 20 spray

antiseptic hand wash

heavy duty large garbage bags

toilet paper


FOOD ITEMS  **Please make sure foods do not contain nuts.
Flour – SR

cooking chocolate

cooking spray

herbs and spices


canned chopped tomatoes


Asian sauces + soy sauce

tinned coconut milk

Prima/juice boxes

snack bars and biscuits

UHT milk – soy, rice

tinned fruit