Year 1 Excursion to Melbourne Museum

IMG_2316During Term 2 the Inquiry topic is ‘Lets Turn Back Time’.  Students have been learning how families differ from one another in their class and about the past, present and future.

On Tuesday the 3rd of May students visited the Melbourne Museum to support their learning further. Students participated in a class led by the staff at the Museum called ‘My Grandmother’s Toybox’. They were shown how toys have changed over time and had the opportunity to touch these toys including a very old Marngrook football that was made out of possum skin.

Students also had the chance to look at different animals, walk through an old Melbourne style home and saw large bone structures from whales and dinosaurs. The students had a fantastic day and learnt lots of interesting facts. Below are some photos of the excursion.



IMG_5047 IMG_2347 IMG_5048IMG_5042IMG_2300IMG_5048IMG_0670IMG_0660IMG_0650IMG_0646