Science in term 2 will once again focus on Biological Science which is the study of living things. Students in Years 3/4 will explore living and nonliving things and the life cycles of plants and animals. There is also an environmental focus investigation on how to improve biodiversity within our school grounds.


Irem and Dilara (4WM) investigating living and nonliving specimens.

Mia and Caroline (4WM) sketching a scientific diagram of a Spiny Leaf Insect

Madison (4WM) completing her scientific diagram

Students in Years 5/6 will complete a Mission to Mars which will focus on adaptations and survival of living things. They will explore and investigate the possibility of colonising Mars in the future. The students will travel to Mars after making a soda straw rocket, build a lander and explore the landscape of Mars using Ozobots.


Michael and Angus (6VK)

Making soda straw rockets

Srimijun, Neth, Mehmed (5/6H) & Roxanne (6VK)

Testing their soda straw rockets