Student Voice – GRIP Leadership Conference

On Wednesday the 17th of February 2016, the Student Voice team was lucky enough to attend a G.R.I.P leadership conference in the city. We were very excited and couldn’t wait to attend. When we entered the building we couldn’t believe how many students were there! There were around 50 schools participating.

Roden, Andy and Carl, who work at G.R.I.P, went through the conference with us. We received a booklet with games and information about leadership. Students could win leadership badges if they won a game.

One of the games involved getting to know other people from different schools. The game was called ‘The Voice’ where we had to walk around and ask students who weren’t from our school if they could sing in a specific way. The first person to complete their game board was the winner. Unfortunately, no one from our school won but we had a great time playing!

IMG_0243 IMG_0247

One of the awesome ideas we discussed was investigating a new three step campaign to ‘stamp out bullying’ at Greenvale Primary. Some campaign methods include making posters and putting them around the school, coming up with a slogan, advertising on our school website and making assembly announcements.

We also talked about being a positive influence for younger students, students our age, our teachers and the wider community. This helps us to grow as leaders.


We got to know many students and overall everyone had a great time at the conference. The Student Voice team can’t wait to bring all their new ideas back to the school!


Article courtesy of;

Sandu Mahapatuna, Matin Atmaca and Aidan Miller

Drawing courtesy of;

Tamsyn Thomas