Physical Education and Sport – Term 3

The Sport and Physical Education programs have been very busy since the last website update.

Students in Prep, Year One and Two have explored units of work on dance, gymnastics and fundamental motor skills. During our dance unit, students practiced moving to the beat in individual, partnered and small group dances. Throughout gymnastics, students discovered the many different gymnastic support positions as well as methods of safely rolling, jumping and landing. When focusing on fundamental motor skills, students have performed soccer kicks, drop punts, underarm throws, overarm throws, basketball bounces, two-handed strikes and two-handed catches in discipline based sequences and associated these skills into minor games.

Students in Year Three and Four have participate in circuit training fitness sessions and discovered the sports of basketball, netball, AFL, lacrosse, hockey and athletics. Students have the analyzed skills, tactics and knowledge necessary to participate in these sports and have actively explored this through minor games and skill based activities.

Student in Years 5 and 6 had a break from Physical Education lessons in Term Two, but were able to continue with their fitness testing in order to monitor / improve their fitness and hopefully achieve their goals. When returning in Term Three, students prepared themselves for the upcoming District Athletics Carnival and started a senior unit focusing on basketball.

Greenvale Primary School experienced great success throughout the Term Two Inter-School Sports. Both the Mixed Soccer and Hot Shots Tennis teams remained undefeated throughout the season. During Term Three, many Year Six students participated in a friendly inter-school competition playing the sports of hockey, touch rugby, girls soccer and rounders.

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