Performing Arts News September 2018

Gabriella presents her slide show on Tchaikovsky

Last week the Year 6 students began presenting their ‘Composer’ projects to the class. Since the start of the term each student was required to choose a famous Composer from the past. They needed to find information and use a computer program to create an interesting slide show. After presenting their slide show they completed a self-assessment on how well they felt they went and what they could do to improve next time. Each Year 6 student was also required to complete a peer assessment for one student in the class.

After listening to some classical music from the Composers the students were quite surprised that they recognised the music, usually from TV commercials and movies. In fact Tchaikovsky’s music has been used for many children’s movies such as ‘Nutcracker Prince’ and ‘Barbie of Swan Lake’.

Some interesting facts. Did you know?

  • Edvard Grieg kept a good luck frog figurine in his pocket. He would pat it before each concert.
  • Joseph Haydn loved playing practical jokes. At age 17, he was kicked out of singing school, partly because he had cut off the pigtail of another boy, but mainly because he had “matured” and his once-beautiful voice had turned to something described as “crowing”.
  • Mozart enjoyed imitating cats. If he was bored during a rehearsal, he would leap around tables and meow.