Performing Arts Feb 2016

Performing Arts News by Mrs Foletta

February 2016

The students have settled well into Performing Arts routines this year and are having a great time singing, dancing and playing instruments.

This term, three Foundation classes are attending Performing Arts while the other three classes will begin next term.

They are learning “Advance Australia Fair” and dancing to Peter Combe’s “Stuck in a Pizza”. They are also learning about the music ‘beat’ and how to play percussion instruments in time to the beat.

This term, two Year One classes and 1/2H are attending Performing Arts while the other two Year Ones will begin next term. They are singing and dancing to a song called “Seasons”, which also assists their learning about the 4 different seasons of the year. They are learning the difference between a beat and a rhythm, while playing percussion instruments to different rhythms.

Year Two students from two classes are learning a fun song called “Sunshine”, which we hope to sing to everyone at Assembly soon. The other two classes will begin next term. They are participating in movement, drama and dancing activities.

Year Three students have been very excited about learning to play the recorder. They have so far learnt to hold it correctly and play B, A and G with soft tone. They’ll be learning to read music and play simple tunes throughout the term.

Year Four students have continued their recorder program, which began last year. They will continue to learn basic music theory and will practice tunes with B, A, G and high C.

Year Five students have begun the ukulele program and are enjoying strumming to simple tunes while playing the chords C and F. This week they have the opportunity to order their own ukulele for the price of $24. If anyone would like to buy one, they need to get a form from me before the end of the week.

Year Six students are learning to play chords on the keyboard, guitar, ukulele and bass guitar. They are developing drum skills using large plastic buckets and drumsticks. Meanwhile they are developing a whole class band using the skills learnt from the different instruments.


The School Choir has started with a huge interest from younger students this year. They are practising a song for Anzac Day and will be learning songs of different languages in preparation of this year’s Art Show with the theme of “Art Around the World”. Older students are welcome to join us in the next couple of weeks. We practise every Thursday lunch time.

choir pic