Managed World Incursion

On the 29th of May, students in Year 3 & 4 attended an exciting, hands on incursion provided by the Hume Council on Composting and worm farms. Students participated enthusiastically, enhancing the knowledge they have gained this term about worms and the advantages they bring to composting. Students are eager to now construct their own compost systems, as part of their learning in Curiosity.

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Interschool Sport Results – Round 5 VS Good Samaritan




Soccer OPEN 0   0


Soccer GIRLS

3   0 WIN
Netball OPEN 27   1


Netball GIRLS

19   3


AFL OPEN 102   0


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Careers Dress-Up Day

On Friday 24th of May, the Year 1 students and teachers had a dress-up day to celebrate Careers Week. Students chose to come to school dressed in the uniforms of many different jobs, such as police officers, fire fighters, doctors, builders, bank managers, artists and even teachers!

We also had a few fantastic guest speakers, some of which included a pilot, a research nurse and a flight-attendant. The students asked lots of questions about the careers of our guest parents and found the talks very interesting!

Below are some photos of our amazing career outfits.




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Education Week- “When I grow up…”

The Fantastic Foundation students of Greenvale Primary School celebrated 2019’s Education Week theme of “Celebrating Careers”. We had some lovely professionals from our emergency services and a high flying professional from the nearby Melbourne Airport. The students were in awe and practised asking some great questions about the jobs they do. On Friday the 24th of May, our students came dressed up as what they would like to be when they grow up, and they looked fabulous!  Check out the snaps below 🙂

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Busy BEEs

The Year 2 students have been busy bees this term! Learning lots about Bees and the importance and impact they have on people and the environment. We had a special bee keeper fly in to teach us more about bees. Students got to see an artificial bee hive with over 10,000 bees inside. They were able to hold honeycomb and taste freshly made honey. It was ‘bee’utiful!


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‘Managed World’ Incursion

In Term 2, our curious Year 3 students have been involved in a STEM investigation called ‘Managed World’. Throughout this investigation, students have been exploring new and exciting discoveries about composting, living, non-living and once living things. The students are working towards creating their own composting systems where they will be developed and produced based on the student’s own research.

This week, the Hume City Council provided us with an interactive learning incursion, giving the students opportunities to learn about and create their own worm farms. The students were engaged during the sessions and eager to share their learning with their families and friends.


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Visual Arts Update

This term in Visual Arts, students in years 1 and 2 have explored the area of threads and textiles.

Students designed and cut out clothing from a variety of fabrics for their paper person chains. They then worked on a hessian wall hanging based on a space, garden or ocean scene. Students cut the things needed for their scene out of felt and used buttons and sequins to enhance and decorate.

Foundation students have embraced the season by using two different techniques to create an autumn tree. The first technique used scrunched tissue paper to form the leaves of the tree. The second technique had the students dabbing on paint with the tips of cotton buds.

Foundation students have also experimented with colour by mixing primary colours to make secondary colours. Using only red, blue and yellow, the students produced some very colourful butterflies

– Justine McDonald and Sarah Lord

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