Our Trip to the Melbourne Museum

On Tuesday the 26th  and Wednesday the 27th of November,  the Year 1s went to the magical Melbourne Museum. We were lucky enough to spend time in lots of different sections of the museum, and got to see lots of exciting things! We visited the Science section where we walked over the prehistoric dinosaur bridge and saw humungous dinosaur skeletons. There was even a part that you could walk over a fossil!

We also went into the Wild section and saw hundreds of animals from all across the world. Some of the animals we saw included a rhinoceros, an okapi, a hyena, a snow leopard and a pangolin. The touch screens showed us all the facts about animals we had never seen before.

We had a teacher from the museum talk us through a lesson called Grandma’s Toy Box. We learnt about items from the past and how they changed over the years. We found out that children used to play with skipping ropes made from wood and rope instead of plastic. Our teacher also told us that cameras used to have film in them and you had to wait about 2 weeks for your photos to be developed before you could see them!

Finally, we visited the First People exhibit. We were amazed at the tools they used in the many years ago. Some of us even tried to start a fire. We also listened to some Aboriginal languages and got to see an amazing sound and light show about Bunjil.

On the bus back to school some of us slept because we were exhausted from looking at everything! We loved our excursion!