National Science Week

National Science Week this year was held from Monday 13th to Friday 17th August.  The school theme for 2018 National Science Week, ‘Game Changers and Change Makers’, was focussed on the scientists, engineers, technologists, mathematicians, designers and innovators of the past and present.  There was also a focus on The International Year of the Reef.

All students from Foundation to Year 6 completed various classroom activities with their teachers. Here are some of the capillary action experiments completed by the students in Year 2.

Big Science Big Fun Science Show

Students in Year 3 to Year 6 concluded the week with a one hour in school workshop ‘Big Science Big Fun’ run by Fizzics Education on Friday 17th August.  Ben and Sam did a wonderful job keeping the students engaged and they explored Physical and Chemical Science concepts through an array of experiments and detailed explanations. The students were able to hypothesise, witness the effect a variable has on an experiment and observe what happened during the various scientific demonstrations.

The students saw the following demonstrations take place and included a balloon experiment, fog rings, gyroscope, the chair of nails, light, sound, static electricity, liquid nitrogen, combustion and flying toilet paper.


Science Week Competition

Students in each year level had the opportunity to participate in the science week competition. Congratulations to the following students who won a prize and received a certificate for their answer.

Foundation: Guess the Orbeez

Alexandra 0TF – closest guess of 300 (there were 273 Orbeez in the jar)


Year 1/2: Amazing Scientific Fact

Dilan 2MP – It rains diamonds on Neptune and Uranus!

Year 3/4: Best Scientific Discovery

Isaac 3SM – Our light is made up of many colours in the colour spectrum (Sir Isaac Newton).


Year 5/6: Biggest Game Changer in Science

Emmanuel 5AS – Electricity by Benjamin Franklin