National Science Week runs from 15th – 23rd August, 2020. Our theme this year is Deep Blue: innovation for the future of our oceans. This focuses on exploring the oceans which cover two-thirds of our planet. The ocean theme also covers marine science, life, industries, technologies and innovations. Our students will learn about how to become more sustainable and help to ensure that the future of our oceans is protected by future generations.

This year, each year level created a pledge about how they could assist our oceans and the students were asked to design a poster promoting their pledges whilst learning from home.

They include:

Foundation – I will try and have a rubbish free lunch at school/home.
Year 1/2 – I will say no to plastic straws.
Year 3/4 – I will say no to single use plastic bottles
Year 5/6 – I will reduce my plastic use.

Even our staff have their own pledge – We will uphold the pledges made by our students.

On Monday August 17th, each year level had a Science Week Seesaw post with a video demonstration based on ocean themed science experiments. The responses to this task were wide and varied and enjoyable to see.

Foundation enjoyed watching how to make Ocean Slime. Some students even made their own!


Yunus 0RC and his ocean slime


Year 1/2 students saw the creation of an ocean in a bottle which many students recreated at home.

Christopher 1PL and Sienna 2TD with their ocean in a bottle


Year 3/4 students viewed a saltwater density experiment which saw an egg placed into a glass of freshwater and a glass of salty water. The result was eggcellent!

Lucas 3HB and Natasha 4AU with their saltwater density experiments

Year 5/6 students learnt about the layers of the ocean through a density layer experiment which recreated the 5 layers of the ocean. Some students completed this experiment at home while others researched the type of marine life that live in each layer.

Rusandi 5AM and her diagram about the layers of the ocean

Derin 5HS and his layers of the ocean experiment

Adam 6CC completed research about what lives in each layer of the ocean

Although Science week has been a little bit different this year, I am so proud of the way science has been promoted and celebrated whilst learning from home this year. Let us continue our learning journey about the ocean and how we can protect it by upholding our pledges and reducing our plastic use both now and in the future.