Mindfulness in Action

Over the last six weeks, the students in Year Four have participated in a wonderful self-awareness program named Mindfulness in Action. The program was run by the Life Skills group, teaching students the important values of respect, honesty, sportsmanship, fair play, perseverance, strength and gratitude, just to name a few!

Each week, students were taught how to be active listeners, how to be mindful of their actions and how to be aware of their surroundings. Students worked in small groups and participated in a variety of fun and engaging activities, as our photographs demonstrate below!

The Year Four teachers are so pleased with the positive attitude of all students and we hope to see the adopted mindful behaviours demonstrated every day in the classroom!

IMG_0557 IMG_0506IMG_0544 IMG_0503IMG_0496 IMG_0497IMG_0543 IMG_0519IMG_0508