Melbourne Museum Excursion

In Term 2 the Year 1 students are learning about where they come from. They have had the opportunity to create a family tree and locate where their ancestors come from on a world map. Recently, students have also learnt about who the Indigenous Australians are and why the land was so important to them.

On Thursday the 8th of June, all Year 1 students visited the Melbourne Museum for their first excursion for the year. They were lucky enough to see the ‘First Peoples’ exhibit where they saw tools, clothes and many more exciting things used by Aborigines along with ‘The Melbourne Story’ where they travelled back to the past and got to walk through an old house, sit on the first roller coaster carriage from Luna Park and watch a short movie in an old cinema. They also had time to explore the ‘Wild’ section of the museum which houses many different species of bugs and animals including some skeletons.

It was a fantastic day and below are some photos from the Melbourne Museum.