Throughout the first two terms of the school year, Greenvale Primary School has taken part in the Greenvale District Interschool Sport competition. There are seven sports that are divided into a summer and winter competition. The summer sports are Cricket, Teeball, Basketball and Volleyball, while over the winter we competed in Soccer, AFL and Netball.

Summer sports were completed in a weekly format where eight schools in the district travelled to each other to compete each Friday morning. We had both a Girls and a Boys/Mixed team competing each week. Winter sports were completed in a Gala Day format where all schools competed against each other in one day in a round robin with a final at the end of the day. All of the sports have now completed their allotment of matches so let’s check out how our teams went!



The Boys cricket team finished their summer season with five wins and one loss, finishing second overall for the competition while our girls team went undefeated the whole season and have qualified for the Division cricket finals in Term four. 


Both boys and girls Tee Ball teams had great years, winning four games each, a draw and only losing once. Unfortunately they both finished 2nd on the ladder and narrowly missed qualifying for the next stage.


Our Volleyball boys team went undefeated during their summer season, qualifying for the Division Volleyball Finals held in Term four. Our girls team had four wins, a draw and a loss in their season, missing out on first place by two points!


The Boys basketball team had a tough year, winning one game while our girls team fought hard all year. They managed three wins and finished 3rd overall. 



Our boys and girls AFL teams won all three of their pool matches and both made it to the grand final. Where unfortunately both lost to St Carlo’s. A great result overall for both our teams.


Our Netball boys team had an even day, having one win, one loss and a draw. While our girls team went undefeated in their three pool matches and won the grand final! They will compete in the Division Netball finals in Term three.


Our Soccer boys and girls both fought hard during their pool matches, the boys had 1one win and two losses. While our girls had two wins and one loss, narrowly missing out on a grand final position. 

Congratulations to all of our teams for representing the school with pride and showing our school values! We look forward to sharing the finals results later in the year.


Mr J