This year Greenvale Primary School has been chosen as one of eight schools to participate in Hume City Council’s Schools for Nature Project. With funding from the Department of Education, Land, Water and Planning, we will be helping to improve biodiversity at our school by building an indigenous garden to attract butterflies, native bees and bugs.

During Semester 1of 2019, the Year 3/4 students learnt about living and non-things in Biological Science. They looked at the life cycles of plants and animals. The students also compared different areas in the school to see which contained more biodiversity, this being the assembly area and the front of the school. The students identified the front of the school as lacking in biodiversity, it was dry, barren and unattractive. The students decided that they would like to improve this area of the yard because it is the first thing people see when they arrive at our school. It would also be important to improve the biodiversity of this area with native flora and to attract more animal and insect species.

Our current Year 4 students will be assisting with the planting and progress of this garden. A report will be presented to Hume City Council which documents the different stages and growth of the garden. The students will track pollinators to see which butterflies, bees and bugs visit and live in our bee hotels and bug bungalows.

A student leadership group has been selected to assist with various aspects of the project. They will work alongside Mrs Symons, Mrs Ireland, Mr Parnis and Melissa Doherty (Hume City Council).

These students are:

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Jordan Peter






The area of the school to be improved.