Greenvale Giving

The children at Greenvale Primary School are very fortunate to have access to hundreds of books to encourage a love of reading. However, there are many children in Australia and around the world who do not. We would like to give these children the books they need to develop a love of reading too.

We are calling this Greenvale Giving. In conjunction with the Smith Family Toy and Book Appeal, Greenvale Primary School is asking parents and children to please donate books to children in need. All books collected will be distributed to those children by the Smith Family.

We are hoping that each family at Greenvale PS can donate at least one new book, to be given to a child as a present for Christmas. For this reason, the books need to be new books with no messages or names written on them and not wrapped up. It is a way for children to help children and a way to give to the community and country in which they live.

In addition, as part of this year’s maths program we are asking all families to ‘GIVE 5.’ This means we would like you to collect as many 5 cent pieces from home or from your family and friends. Each classroom will collect their 5 cent pieces in a money box. On Friday 18th September the children will count the coins in their money box and will create a whole school 5 cent piece trail. All money will be donated directly to the Smith Family.

The collection will begin on Monday 31st of August and will conclude on Friday 18th September. Please send the books to your child’s classroom. Student Voice monitors will collect the books at the end of each week. If you have sturdy boxes in which we can store the books, we greatly appreciate those as well.

Thank you so much, in anticipation of your support,

Student Voice, Sophie Chilton and Mareeka Papadopoulos