Greenvale Cross Country 2020

The Greenvale Cross Country will be held at School / Bradford Oval on Thursday February 20th beginning at approximately 9.15am and concluding at 11.00am. 

Every student from Years 4-6, as well as some Year 3 students will be competing for their house and for the chance to represent Greenvale in the district cross country. Students will compete against peers from their age group.

 The following distances will be run for each age group:

9/10 year old: 2km                          11 year old: 3km                               12/13 year old: 3km

Age groups are based on the age a student will be on the 31/12/2020. For example: all students born in 2011 or 2010 will be in the 9/10 year age group, all students born in 2009 will be in the 11 year age group and all students born in 2008 or 2007 will be in the 12/13 year age group.

We invite all parents and guardians to come and watch their children compete in the Cross Country
The following race times are approximate and subject to change

·         9:30 AM 12 Years and over Boys.

·         9:35 AM 12 Years and over Girls.

·         9:50 AM 11 Year Boys.

·         9:55 AM 11 Year Girls.

·         10:10 AM 9/10 Year Boys.

·         10:15 PM 9/10 Year Girls.