Greenvale Athletics 2018

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,

On Tuesday 27th March 2018; all Year 3-6 students will participate in the Greenvale Primary School Athletics Carnival.  The event will be held on the Bradford Avenue council oval; weather permitting. Last year’s event was a huge success, so we hope this year can continue this great tradition at our school.

Students in the 8/9 and 10 year old age groups will compete between 9.30 and 12.15pm.
Students in the 11 and 12/13 year old age groups will compete between 12.30 and 3.15pm.
All age groups will have their presentation on the Assembly Area at 3.15pm.

Student age groups are based on ages at the 31/12/2018. For example: all students born in 2010 or 2009 will be in the 8/9 year old age group, all students born in 2008 will be in the 10 year old age group, all students born in 2007 will be in the 11 year old age group and all students born in 2006 or 2005 will be in the 12/13 year old age group.

Students have selected up to 4 events; which include the following:

Track 100m 200m 800m 1500m
Field Shot Put Discuss Long Jump High Jump

Students are to dress in their house colours and they are permitted to spray their hair with their house colour only.  However, this must be done at home and students are not permitted to bring cans of hair spray to school.
Students are able to support their house with appropriate coloured zinc cream; however they are not permitted to wear face paint.  Please remember to dress appropriately for the athletics.  (E.g. runners, tracksuits, short etc…)


During this fantastic day all students will be competing in their House Colours, in order to win the ‘points’ trophy for their House team.
A trophy will also be awarded to the House that displays the most TEAM SPIRIT on the day. In order to win the SPIRIT AWARD, all students in your house have to wear the correct colour, you must all be seen cheering for your team members, singing chants, remaining in their allocated area and displaying correct behaviour. Good luck!

Please ensure that students bring along the following on the day:

  • house colours
  • drink bottle
  • packed lunch and snack
  • something to sit on (a picnic rug is ideal).

Year 3-6 students will not be able to place a lunch order or use the canteen for the day and electronic devices will not be permitted.

A huge thank you to the parents who have volunteered to assist with the day, your help is greatly appreciated.
We invite all parents to come and watch their children compete in the Athletics Carnival for a schedule of event times please click on the following link: Event Schedule v1
*Please note that these times are subject to change.