Welcome back to the 2021 school year! I hope all families had an enjoyable holiday break with their children.

What an exciting, busy start we saw at Greenvale Primary School last week with our students from Year 1 to Year 6 returning to school last Thursday. They were excited to be back, happy to meet up with their friends and looking forward to another challenging year in 2021. We had 21 new Year 1-6 students beginning with us on this day, coming from a wide range of schools. Each child received a welcome certificate at assembly on Monday.

Next week we have a modified ‘Flying to Foundation’ transition program for our 98 new Foundation students ready to begin their schooling at Greenvale PS. The Foundation students start school one week after the other students to allow each student to take part in the mandatory assessment for all Foundation students across Victoria. We welcome these children and their families and know that they will love their schooling at Greenvale.

I look forward to meeting our new families and to continue building the partnership with all of our current families at Greenvale.

Holiday Happenings………..

It was great to come back to the school and see it in such good presentation. Many thanks go to Joe, our maintenance person for overseeing this. The holiday period was busy with some general maintenance of the grounds – the oval is really looking much healthier than when we left last year!
The back of the school has had a high fence installed all around. Also, new split system air conditioners have been installed in Rooms 5-8.


All schools are required to conduct annual elections for school council during the February/March period.

There are three different categories of members on School Council – Parents, Department (DET) employees and Community Members.

At our 2021 election we will have 3 Parent vacancies, 1 Community vacancy and 2 DET employee vacancies. The term of office for these vacancies is two years. Parents on school councils provide important viewpoints and have valuable skills that can help shape the direction of the school. Parents who become active on a school council find their involvement satisfying in itself and may also find that their children feel a greater sense of belonging. You do not need any special experience to be on School Council. What you do need is an interest in your child’s school and the desire to work in partnership with others to help shape the school’s future.

School Council meets about two times each term i.e. 8 times over the course of the year. School Councillors are also required to be on a subcommittee of School Council – Finance, Buildings and Grounds or Community Links.

Can I encourage parents who would like to be part of School Council to ensure that they are nominated. Parents may be nominated by another parent or they can nominate themselves. Nominations open Thursday 11 February and close on Thursday 18 February. Nomination Forms will be available at the Office.

Please click on the link to go to our school website under Parents / School Council Message to view the Election Process and Timeline and the School Council Election – Parent Information flyer.


As a school we have been diligent in following advice from DHHS and the Education Department in regards to the coronavirus. Our aim is to keep our learning and play space as safe as we possibly can for our students and our staff. The latest advice from the department was sent to schools on the 20 January. Restrictions are still in existence but are not as intense as previously.

Below are three significant points from the School Operations Guide –

1. Visitors to school grounds must comply with physical distancing and face mask recommendations set out in this Operations Guide, and practise good hand hygiene.

2. There is no requirement to limit the number or type of visitors to school premises, however the density limit of 1 person per 2 square metres should be applied to any spaces and activities being attended by parent/carers and other visitors. The density limit applies to all persons in the space, including students.

3. To support contact tracing, schools must keep a record of all staff, students and visitors who attend on-site for more than 15 minutes. Schools must record the name, contact details, date, and time of attendance at school, as well as the areas of the school that the person attended. Schools can use existing mechanisms such as visitor sign-in procedures, student attendance records and staffing rosters to record this information.

Maintaining good health hygiene at home and at school

Here are some tips that everyone can follow in regards to avoiding the spread of any infectious disease. Talk to your child/ren about these to make sure they understand the importance of.
• washing their hands regularly and properly using soap, after using the toilet, and before eating
• covering their mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing with a tissue, or coughing into their elbow
• disposing of their used tissue into a bin and then washing their hands afterwards


Various exciting excursions/incursions are usually organised over the course of the year by the teachers to support the learning that occurs in the classrooms for your child’s particular year level. These excursions / incursions are an integral part of your child’s learning and teaches them many other skills outside of the classroom.

Organisation of these excursions is quite complex – buses, notes, booking of the venue, permission forms & payments, agenda for the day, meeting duty of care requirements….just to name a few.

To make this process easier, we will begin putting permission notes for excursions on Compass for parents to fill out. If this is the case, a paper copy of the permission note will not be sent home.


This year, families with children in Years 1-6 will again have the opportunity to meet one on one with their child’s teacher at the beginning of the year in a Meet & Greet. This early meeting is intended to strengthen the ties between the classroom teachers and parents, in that both get a chance to meet each other with the student present. Building better links between our school and your homes encourages positive learning experiences for students. The more you as parents know about our school, the more likely we will be able to support your child’s learning in partnership.

The Meet & Greet is not a typical Parent Teacher Interview where the teacher talks about your child’s academic progress. This will occur mid-year.

This is an opportunity to
– Meet your child’s teacher one on one
– Discuss how your child has settled in
– Share any important information that you think the teacher needs to know about your child
– Update enrolment information for your child
– Discuss protocols for future communication
– Discuss how you as a parent would like to be involved in the school/ what skills you may want to share at the school
More information will be sent home shortly and posted onto our Compass app.

Sunsmart Term

Just a reminder that Term 1 is a Sunsmart term. Students are expected to wear their school hat outside at all times. If your child requires a new hat they may buy it at the Office for $11. Please make sure all uniform items are clearly labelled.