Foundation Legoland Excursion

On Thursday May 3rd the Foundation students thoroughly enjoyed their first ever excursion. The venue was the Legoland Discovery Centre. The majority of students had never travelled on a big bus before, so the children’s excitement levels were at an all-time high. After many games of iSpy and conversations had about the city and our surroundings, we finally arrived at Chadstone Shopping Centre where Legoland and a full day of fun awaited us.

All students took part in a workshop session where they built and tested spinning tops. They had to predict and conduct an experiment where they assessed which spinning top design spun for the longest. After the workshop, students then had the whole discovery centre to explore. The students went on two rides, built a Lego race car, played on the adventure playground and watched a Lego Movie in 4D! As well as having a wonderful time, the students understanding of the scientific concept of forces was strengthen considerably.

A big thank you to the parent helpers who assisted in the smooth running of the day.