Foundation 100 Days of School 2018

On Tuesday July 31st our Foundation students of 2018 celebrated their 100 days of school. The day was full of happiness and great excitement. During this time we have seen our students flourish, developing into respectful and resilient members of Greenvale Primary School.

The students were all asked to bring along 100 items, which they counted, recorded and wrote about. We had a variety of items brought such as 100 straws, 100 smarties, 100 marshmallows, 100 stickers, 100 shopkins just to name a few…

The Foundation Teachers, Mrs Pucar, Mrs Dodd, Ms Hoffman, Miss Franz, Miss Dickson and Miss Maher are so proud of every single one of their students. We all had a wonderful time celebrating the successes and developments that our fabulous Foundation students have achieved so far this year.

The following photos capture some of the fun and excitement that the day produced!