Excursion to Royal Botanical Gardens and Shrine of Remembrance

Last week the students visited the Royal Botanical Gardens and the Shrine of Remembrance as part of their Inquiry unit. Students participated in a “Welcome to Country” ceremony and walked around the gardens, where they were shown types of trees and plants that are used in Indigenous Australian culture. They created their own paintings using “ochre” paint and teachers were very impressed to see thoughts and ideas being shared when discussing different Indigenous Australian artefacts with their groups. Students also visited the Shrine of Remembrance, where they paid their respect for the sacrifices made by Australians who served in war. Some students were even given poppies to place on a wall by the shrine. Below are some photos of the day. Teachers were pleased to hear that the staff at the Shrine of Remembrance commented on students excellent behaviour. The year 4 team would like to commend the year 4 students for a successful day!