Class Captain Term 1, 2016


As we begin a new year at Greenvale Primary School, new opportunities are presented for our coming leaders. Students in Years 3 -6 have worked hard, preparing speeches to deliver to their peers on why they should be voted as their classes new leaders.

Congratulations to the following students who have been announced as Class Captains for Term 1.

As a school, we look forward to working with you all on throughout the Leadership journey.


Year 3 AK

Ahmed Karazoglu Rebekah Santiglia


Year 3 /4S

Deren Gezen

Annie Fox


Year 5 AB

Steven Jokanovic

Yaren Kucuktepe

Year 5/6 JH

Adam Halvadakis

Shelby Baker


Year 3 EB

Jacob Aydinili

Amaiya Matuatu

Year 4 EW

Sami Ulusoy

April Arzenti


Year 5 SC

Joseph Luca Sardegna

Sommer Kamil

Year 6 BM

Ivan Vavra

Suna Ercantan

Year 3 SM

Malik Atmaca

Aylin Ozcelik


Year 4KK

Sam O’Neill Green

Rachel Van der Craats


Year 5 RW

Rhiley D’Cruz

Ameenah Merhi

Year 6 GT

Anthony Longano

Vicki Haitidid

Year 3 WR

Nathan La Motta

Evelyn Thomas


Year 4 MP

Daniel Panagopoulos

Adela Luke

  Year 6 LD

Ryan Borg

Taeya Patsiotis