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STEM/ Science Rotations

This term, the Year 4’s have been enjoying a range of STEM challenges and following a Scientific Method to test our curiosity through Science Experiments.

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Our Amazing Race!

On Tuesday December 12th, Greenvale Primary’s foundation students participated in an ‘Amazing Race’ around the school. Students worked in teams to read clues that led them to different parts of our school, at each location students received a word on a piece of paper. After finding all 10 locations and collecting their words students then needed to use these words to make a sentence. It was pleasing to see so many smiles and fun had by the students, the ability to work as a team was most impressive!

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Foundation Excursion To LegoLand!

On Friday the 6th of September our Foundation students made their way to the LegoLand discovery centre at Chadstone. After arriving at the colossal shopping centre, students enjoyed their snack on the mezzanine outside LegoLand. Once we were refuelled it was GO GO GO GO GO! Students made connections to our inquiry topic of the weather and seasonal change by constructing multiple seasonal settings in the learning centre. After the brick building, students accompanied their design with a matching story and shared it with their peers. Other activities on the day were exploring the Lego city of Melbourne,  watching a 4D movie, multiple interactive rides, burning off excess energy in the play centre and lots and lots of lego building. We would like to thank our fantastic parent helpers, perfect pre-service teachers and of course all 5 foundation classes who consistently modelled outstanding behaviour and represented Greenvale Primary with pride.

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Year 4 Camp

Day 1- Wednesday 11th September

Students are having a wonderful time. They have completed two sets of activities and had afternoon tea.

Day 2 – Thursday 12th September

Today we completed another four rounds of our activity rotation. The weather has been kind to us with only a small drizzle.

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Education Week- “When I grow up…”

The Fantastic Foundation students of Greenvale Primary School celebrated 2019’s Education Week theme of “Celebrating Careers”. We had some lovely professionals from our emergency services and a high flying professional from the nearby Melbourne Airport. The students were in awe and practised asking some great questions about the jobs they do. On Friday the 24th of May, our students came dressed up as what they would like to be when they grow up, and they looked fabulous!  Check out the snaps below 🙂

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TheirCare School Holiday Program July 2019

Bookings are now open for TheirCare’s July 2019 School Holiday Program. Click here for all the details.

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Polite Kites Incursion

On Monday the 18th and Tuesday the 19th of March, our fabulous foundation students had their first ever incursion! Jo from ‘Polite Kites’ gave us our own special assembly on Monday and introduced the students to many different kites from all over the world. Over the next two days each class decorated and then made their very own delta kites. The students dazzling designs then took to the sky for a Harmony Day celebration, in which parents were invited to join the fun on the school oval. It was an amazing end to the day and was great to see so many parents flying the students’ kites too. Special thanks to Jo and all of our wonderful parent helpers in making this incursion successful, and also to Miss Law and Miss Bertolinni for organising such a wonderful event for the foundation to grade 2 students.

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