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Year 3 Science!

This term our Year 3 students have been exploring the topic of Science! During the term, students have been involved in conducting various science experiments and expanding their scientific knowledge, method and vocabulary. With each experiment students had to include the Scientific Method – Title, Aim and POE (Predict, Observe and Explain).

Before the experiment, students identified the aim and wrote a prediction of what might happen during the experiment? As a class we would discuss why students created their aim and why they think it will happen?

During the experiment, students wrote an observation. They were encouraged to both draw and write about what happened during the experiment using scientific vocabulary.

Finally, once students had conducted the experiment, they went on to write an explanation. As a class we brainstormed ideas on the scientific reasoning and what we learnt throughout the experiment.

Students have been engaged and displayed curiosity throughout all the experiments!

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Term 1 Science News

This term has been very busy in the Science room! The Year 3/4 students have been learning about forces through hands on science experiments focusing on Gravity, Friction and Magnetism. We have predicted, observed and explained what has happened in a variety of activities. The students thoroughly enjoyed investigating and making their own balloon hovercrafts.

Year 4 students with their hovercrafts – Hassan, Aymen, Xoe, Ayca, Zach, Charlie and Jackson



The Year 5/6 students have been learning about electricity and have explored circuits by making a paper clip switch and pressure switch to demonstrate how an open or closed switch will allow their light bulb to operate. To finish the term, the students have eagerly started working on their Electricity Project focusing on making a room/s in a house with electrical circuits.


Year 5 students Ella and Bilal


Year 6 students Aydin, Canyon and Srimijun


A completed pressure switch and paperclip switch

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Hume City Council – Schools for Nature Project

This year Greenvale Primary School has been chosen as one of eight schools to participate in Hume City Council’s Schools for Nature Project. With funding from the Department of Education, Land, Water and Planning, we will be helping to improve biodiversity at our school by building an indigenous garden to attract butterflies, native bees and bugs.

During Semester 1of 2019, the Year 3/4 students learnt about living and non-things in Biological Science. They looked at the life cycles of plants and animals. The students also compared different areas in the school to see which contained more biodiversity, this being the assembly area and the front of the school. The students identified the front of the school as lacking in biodiversity, it was dry, barren and unattractive. The students decided that they would like to improve this area of the yard because it is the first thing people see when they arrive at our school. It would also be important to improve the biodiversity of this area with native flora and to attract more animal and insect species.

Our current Year 4 students will be assisting with the planting and progress of this garden. A report will be presented to Hume

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Science Week

National Science Week was an amazing week for our students at Greenvale Primary School. Every classroom participated in a variety of activties related to Earth and Space Science, some students in F-6 entered in a Science competition and Fizzics Education ended the week with a bang!

Science Competition

Our Science competition saw over 100 entries from Foundation to Year 6. It was amazing to see so much effort placed into each piece of work and to know that so many of our families had lots of discussion about space and the moon. Entries were judged on the criteria for each year level and there were 5 winners from each category. Congratulations to every student who entered the competition.



Students were to make their own astronaut using materials they had at home.


Year 1/2

Phases of the Moon

Students were to create a piece of artwork showing the phases of the moon.


Year 3/4

3D Moon Model

Students were to create a 3D model terrain of the moon incorporating and listing at least 5 main features.


Year 5/6

Moon Rover

Students were to make a moon rover that moved independently.

Students were to include their

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Term 3 Science News

Term 3 Science News

Sujata Symons

National Science Week this year is from August 10th – 18th. The school theme for 2019 National Science Week is ‘Destination Moon: more missions, more science’. The students in Year 3 to Year 6 will complete a unit of work related to Earth and Space Science during Term 3. This theme is a way for teachers and their students to discover past missions to the Moon and space programs that have solved some of the seemingly unsolvable problems—and current and future space programs, operations and missions.


To celebrate Science Week, all students in Year 3 to Year 6 will have the opportunity to attend a one hour in school workshop ‘Tick Tick BOOM! run by Fizzics Education.  This workshop will explore the science behind explosions and explain why chemical safety is so important.


There is also a Science Week competition for each level with students completing the task at home. The details are as follows:

Foundation – Astronauts

Students are to make their own astronaut using materials they have at home.

Students are to include their name and grade on their astronaut.


Year 1/2 – Phases of the Moon


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Term 2 Science

Year 3/4 Living and Non Living Things

The students in Years 3 and 4 have continued to work on defining living and non-living things. They have been exploring the life stages of humans and life cycles of plants and animals. They have worked on the life cycles of tomato plants, frogs and butterflies with an emphasis on how particular animals undergo metamorphosis (the transformation or change an organism undergoes). The students also had the opportunity to independently investigate the life cycle of a chicken, kangaroo, shark or sunflower.

The Life Cycle of a Frog (Dumini 4MM)


Year 5/6 Mission to Mars

After taking off from Earth in our rockets, the students investigated some of the challenges humans would face if they were to colonise Mars. They also undertook a design challenge in small groups to make a Lander using limited materials. They tested their landers from a height of one metre to see if their ‘astronauts’ landed safely or not. With their astronauts now on Mars, the students used Ozobots to simulate Rovers on the surface of Mars. They used visual coding to create a travel plan which incorporated sequencing, branching and looping. They had to include various challenges,

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Term 2 Science News

Science in term 2 will once again focus on Biological Science which is the study of living things. Students in Years 3/4 will explore living and nonliving things and the life cycles of plants and animals. There is also an environmental focus investigation on how to improve biodiversity within our school grounds.


Irem and Dilara (4WM) investigating living and nonliving specimens.

Mia and Caroline (4WM) sketching a scientific diagram of a Spiny Leaf Insect

Madison (4WM) completing her scientific diagram

Students in Years 5/6 will complete a Mission to Mars which will focus on adaptations and survival of living things. They will explore and investigate the possibility of colonising Mars in the future. The students will travel to Mars after making a soda straw rocket, build a lander and explore the landscape of Mars using Ozobots.


Michael and Angus (6VK)

Making soda straw rockets

Srimijun, Neth, Mehmed (5/6H) & Roxanne (6VK)

Testing their soda straw rockets


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