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Year 4 Melbourne Museum Excursion

On Tuesday the 26th of November, students in Year 4 enthusiastically boarded buses and headed off to the Melbourne Museum. As a part of their Curiosity subject, students have been exploring the history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the diversity of their community. Students immersed themselves in the IMAX documentary: Australia, The Wild Top End in 3D, which was narrated by Indigenous elder Balang T.E. Lewis. Afterwards, students were able to explore the First Peoples and 600 Million Years: Victoria Evolves exhibitions, making many connections to the history, culture and geography associated with their the learning throughout this term. All students represented our school beautifully and did their school and community proud.

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Year 4 Class Captains

In the first week of term 4, year 4 students were busy working hard on their class captain speeches. Using their knowledge of persuasive writing, students delivered well written and confidently spoken speeches to convince their peers why they should be a class captain.

We are proud to announce the following students as the term 4 class captains:

Top left to right: Bilal Al Mansoury (4WM), Thevin Dassanayake(4MM), Finn Munro, Amar Assi(4AK)
Bottom left to right: Irem Atmaca (4WM) Lucy Borsboom, Arif-Emre Unlu(34S), Aryan Sharma, Jemima Mathew (4AU)
Absent: Georgia Pollakis (4MM)

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Managed World Incursion

On the 29th of May, students in Year 3 & 4 attended an exciting, hands on incursion provided by the Hume Council on Composting and worm farms. Students participated enthusiastically, enhancing the knowledge they have gained this term about worms and the advantages they bring to composting. Students are eager to now construct their own compost systems, as part of their learning in Curiosity.

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Year 4 Class Captains

Over the past few weeks, students in Year 4 have been putting in time and effort to work on their speeches to be a Class Captain. Students have been eagerly awaiting the results and we are proud to announce the Term 2 Class Captains for Year 4 as follows:
4AK– Eliz Atik & Gimash Mudalpath

4AU– Hassan El-Jendi & Keera Grigorakis

4MM– Dumini Manikku Wadu & Dinuga Wasala

4WM– Rusandi Kalyananda & Lucas O’Connell

3/4S– Eran yusuf & Marli Beckwith

Congratulations students!

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Safer Internet Day

As part of Safer Internet Day the students in years 4, 5 and 6 took part in an eSafety webinar which focused on helping the children to understand the four Superpowers:

Respect – I will treat myself and others the way I like to be treated

Responsibility – I am accountable for my actions

Reasoning – I question what is real

Resilience – I get back up from tough situations

The students were given the opportunity to identify these Superpowers in different scenarios to develop a better understanding of their how they can be applied to real life.

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Maths Information Nights – Slides

Thank you to those parents who attended the Maths Information Nights for Year 3/4 and Year 5/6. Below are the slides from each of the sessions.

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Class Captains – Term Two 2018

Congratulations to the following Class Captains for Term Two.

3EW 3EB 3HB 3SM 34S 4BM 4MM 4WR 4RW
Keola Billy Ava Dane Aydin Sabrina Aisha Alexia Jannah
Melike Alissa Alphonse Lisa Dumini Omar Neth Matthew Marcus
  5EB 5LD 5AS 5JW 6JH 6AD 6MT 6RR
  Ranuga Logan Jessie Angus Tuana Deren Hunter Lara
  Verity Maryam Christopher Alliyah Jackson April Alex Joel
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