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Year 3 Science!

This term our Year 3 students have been exploring the topic of Science! During the term, students have been involved in conducting various science experiments and expanding their scientific knowledge, method and vocabulary. With each experiment students had to include the Scientific Method – Title, Aim and POE (Predict, Observe and Explain).

Before the experiment, students identified the aim and wrote a prediction of what might happen during the experiment? As a class we would discuss why students created their aim and why they think it will happen?

During the experiment, students wrote an observation. They were encouraged to both draw and write about what happened during the experiment using scientific vocabulary.

Finally, once students had conducted the experiment, they went on to write an explanation. As a class we brainstormed ideas on the scientific reasoning and what we learnt throughout the experiment.

Students have been engaged and displayed curiosity throughout all the experiments!

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Colour Blast!

This year has been full of exciting learning and new discoveries for our Year 3 students. In Term 3 we explored Earth and Space, displayed curiosity at Scienceworks, and created our Writers’ Festival pieces to put on display. In Term 4, we explored Culture and Communities, celebrating the diversity we have within and around our school community.

To see just how well our community bands together, you don’t have to look any further than our school Colour Blast. An exciting fundraiser that encourages students to raise money to further develop our school. The Year 3 students were unable to contain their excitement as they ran through the colourful course. It is always encouraging to see students and parents get involved in these activities and we could not have asked for a better day!

As the year comes to a close, there was no better way than to send them off with a blast!


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‘Managed World’ Incursion

In Term 2, our curious Year 3 students have been involved in a STEM investigation called ‘Managed World’. Throughout this investigation, students have been exploring new and exciting discoveries about composting, living, non-living and once living things. The students are working towards creating their own composting systems where they will be developed and produced based on the student’s own research.

This week, the Hume City Council provided us with an interactive learning incursion, giving the students opportunities to learn about and create their own worm farms. The students were engaged during the sessions and eager to share their learning with their families and friends.


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Year 3 Colour Explosion!

Last Friday, 25th of May our school participated in a Colour Explosion walk-a-thon! The event was a HUGE success and the students were thrilled that they got to spend the afternoon covered in a rainbow of colours with their friends.


Year 3 started the afternoon off all white and shiny with the rest of the school, but after that things started to get a little bit more colourful. We did a lap of the circuit which had parents helpers and teachers at stations covering us in coloured powder.

After that it was time for the colour EXPLOSION! The whole school had to throw cups and bags of coloured powder up into the air to create a colour cloud.


Many students raised money by getting sponsers for their lap around the colour circuit and there is still time to get some sponsers in before June 8th!


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Maths Information Nights – Slides

Thank you to those parents who attended the Maths Information Nights for Year 3/4 and Year 5/6. Below are the slides from each of the sessions.

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Class Captains – Term Two 2018

Congratulations to the following Class Captains for Term Two.

3EW 3EB 3HB 3SM 34S 4BM 4MM 4WR 4RW
Keola Billy Ava Dane Aydin Sabrina Aisha Alexia Jannah
Melike Alissa Alphonse Lisa Dumini Omar Neth Matthew Marcus
  5EB 5LD 5AS 5JW 6JH 6AD 6MT 6RR
  Ranuga Logan Jessie Angus Tuana Deren Hunter Lara
  Verity Maryam Christopher Alliyah Jackson April Alex Joel
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Book Week

Last week, the Year Three students celebrated book week. It was an exciting day full of book related activities. We ended the day with a fun book parade and the much-loved book characters came to life, as they walked and waved past the parents and classmates. Thank you to Ms. Asuncion and the rest of the staff for organising such an enjoyable day. Congratulations to Celina and Oscar for winning Best Costume in Grade Three!

Here are some of the student’s experiences:

I dressed up as George, from George’s Marvelous Medicine. My favourite part was the parade because I liked it when we walked around to show off our costumes’ – J. D

‘My favourite part of Book Week is that I got complimented on my costume. I think my costume really fits my personality. Book Week was fun because we did lots of activities. My favourite part was the book report about our favourite books.’ – Z. A

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