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100 Days of School in Year 1

As a part of mathematics, the Year 1s have been counting the number of days they have been at school. Students were able to use number lines, tens frames, a 100s chart as well as bundles and sticks to represent their counting.

On Friday the 22nd of July, students had the opportunity to celebrate their 100th day of school in year 1. Each child brought in 100 things of their choice such as marshmallows, pencils and marbles. They then set up their 100 objects in rows to count them using the method of skip counting by 2s, 5s, or 10s. They also wrote about the number 100 and participated in games and a craft activity, creating a crown for being 100 days smarter.

The day was very exciting and enjoyed by all. Below are some photos of the day.

IMG_2470 IMG_2471


IMG_2456 IMG_2455

IMG_5114 IMG_5113

IMG_5111 IMG_5110

IMG_5098 IMG_5087



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Year 1 Term 3 Newsletter

Year 1 Term 3 Newsletter

 Welcome back everyone!
Welcome also to Alyson Leete who is teaching 1ML for Semester 2.
Just to keep you up to date with what is happening this term.

Our Unit for Term 3 is “Where in the World is Victoria?”
 This is a Geography unit and the key Inquiry questions from the Victorian Curriculum are:
-What are places like? (landscape)
How and why are people connected to their place and other placesWhat makes a place special?
How can we care for places?

We will be using a range of non-fiction books and websites in Literacy and Inquiry to assist children to become more familiar with the features of non-fiction texts. Students will be studying Victoria and its place in Australia and the World. They will become familiar with landmarks and natural features of various places. Students will be required to research and complete a mini project at school.

        In Mathematics this term we will be developing the students’ knowledge of subtraction and extending their counting skills by looking at different skip counting patterns. We will also study length, mass and capacity during our measurement focus.

In Week 2 on Friday 22nd July

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Grandparents Game Day

On Wednesday the 8th of June students in Year 1 had the opportunity to invite their grandparents to school for the afternoon. The students had previously learnt about how life has changed from their grandparents where they investigated how school, roles, toys and games have evolved overtime.

The grandparents spent time with the students in their classrooms to play games from the past such as, pick up sticks, elastics, hopscotch, quoits and marbles. The students were all very excited and happy to have their family at school. Below are some photos of the afternoon.

IMG_5082 IMG_5079  IMG_2409IMG_2424 IMG_2399 IMG_2395 100_6636 100_6629 IMG_5086

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Year 1 Excursion to Melbourne Museum

IMG_2316During Term 2 the Inquiry topic is ‘Lets Turn Back Time’.  Students have been learning how families differ from one another in their class and about the past, present and future.

On Tuesday the 3rd of May students visited the Melbourne Museum to support their learning further. Students participated in a class led by the staff at the Museum called ‘My Grandmother’s Toybox’. They were shown how toys have changed over time and had the opportunity to touch these toys including a very old Marngrook football that was made out of possum skin.

Students also had the chance to look at different animals, walk through an old Melbourne style home and saw large bone structures from whales and dinosaurs. The students had a fantastic day and learnt lots of interesting facts. Below are some photos of the excursion.



IMG_5047 IMG_2347 IMG_5048IMG_5042IMG_2300IMG_5048IMG_0670IMG_0660IMG_0650IMG_0646





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Fairy Tale Parade

During Term 4 we have been reading and looking at different Fairytales. On Thursday the 19th November all of the Year 1’s participated in a Fairytale parade!! The students looked fantastic in their dress ups, they all went to a lot of effort to look their best for the day.

We had princesses, princes, pirates, dragons, fairies and many more! The parents even had a dance with us at the end. We all had a lot of fun. Below are some pictures from the day:

:DSC_5259         DSC_5262

DSC_5268     DSC_5270

DSC_5272      DSC_5277    DSC_5282

DSC_5301   IMG_4830  IMG_4832

IMG_4834                 DSC_5276

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Happily Ever After!

During Term 4 our Inquiry topic is ‘Happily Ever After’. We will be studying lots of different Fairy Tales. On Tuesday the 13th October we had an exciting in-school activity by Carp Productions. This show explored Fairy Tales in a fun and interactive way, getting all the students involved in the story. Students learnt not only about the stories, but had an opportunity to experience performance for themselves. We all enjoyed the show, it was really funny!! Below are some photos, even some of our own students performing in the show!


IMG_0181 IMG_0183 IMG_0185 IMG_0186 IMG_0189 IMG_4796 IMG_4803 IMG_4804 IMG_0180 IMG_0187

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Excursion to Gould League

During Term 3 the Year One Inquiry topic is Mini Beast Mayhem. We have been investigating what mini beasts are, their features, habitat and the role they play on the environment.

On Tuesday the 4th of August we visited the Gould League Education Centre in Moorabbin. Students participated in sessions led by the Gould League staff, where we looked at mini beasts and how the environment benefits from them. We had a fantastic and fun day!! Below are some photos of us digging for mini beast, finding worms, pond dipping for mini beasts and dressing up as different mini beasts.

IMG_4744  IMG_4726 IMG_4723 IMG_4710 IMG_4712 IMG_2033 IMG_1986IMG_1959 IMG_1936 IMG_1933 IMG_0140 IMG_0127 IMG_0120 IMG_0106 100_6390 100_6380 100_6370 100_6341 100_6305

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