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Our Trip to the Melbourne Museum

On Tuesday the 26th  and Wednesday the 27th of November,  the Year 1s went to the magical Melbourne Museum. We were lucky enough to spend time in lots of different sections of the museum, and got to see lots of exciting things! We visited the Science section where we walked over the prehistoric dinosaur bridge and saw humungous dinosaur skeletons. There was even a part that you could walk over a fossil!

We also went into the Wild section and saw hundreds of animals from all across the world. Some of the animals we saw included a rhinoceros, an okapi, a hyena, a snow leopard and a pangolin. The touch screens showed us all the facts about animals we had never seen before.

We had a teacher from the museum talk us through a lesson called Grandma’s Toy Box. We learnt about items from the past and how they changed over the years. We found out that children used to play with skipping ropes made from wood and rope instead of plastic. Our teacher also told us that cameras used to have film in them and you had to wait about 2 weeks for your photos to be developed before

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Year 1 Scienceworks Excursion

The Year 1 students have been learning about changes in the weather, sky and landscapes. They explored the phases of the moon and researched space travel and the role of astronauts. On Wednesday the 4th of September the Year 1 classes attended an exciting excursion at Scienceworks. They discovered new and old inventions and experienced a simulated spaceship while viewing the museum. Students then entered the planetarium where they enjoyed a movie called Tycho to the Moon. They also had the opportunity to view the night sky that was projected above on a dome shaped screen. The photos below show some of the fun that was had on the day



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Our 100 Days of School!

After lots of hard work so far this year, we finally reached our 100 days of school, and what a week we had!

On Monday, we had a scavenger hunt where we had to find 100 items to collect out on the school yard. Some of the things we collected included leaves, twigs and pieces of bark.

On Tuesday, we created paper chains using coloured paper. Some of us made patterns of 2s, 5s and 10s to help us count more efficiently.

On Wednesday, we designed our own 100 eyed aliens! We used dried black beans for the eyes and stuck them on with PVA glue. It was a messy job but we loved it!

On Thursday, we enjoyed threading 100 colourful beads onto string to create our own ‘100 days necklaces’.

On Friday, we had our dress up day to celebrate our official 100th day of school. We dressed up as 100 year olds! We saw lots of grey hair, glasses, walking sticks and people complaining of a sore back or knees.

It was a fantastically FUN week and we are now 100 days SMARTER!!!





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Careers Dress-Up Day

On Friday 24th of May, the Year 1 students and teachers had a dress-up day to celebrate Careers Week. Students chose to come to school dressed in the uniforms of many different jobs, such as police officers, fire fighters, doctors, builders, bank managers, artists and even teachers!

We also had a few fantastic guest speakers, some of which included a pilot, a research nurse and a flight-attendant. The students asked lots of questions about the careers of our guest parents and found the talks very interesting!

Below are some photos of our amazing career outfits.




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Year 1 Farmers Day

On Friday the 7th of December, all of the Year 1 students dressed in an outfit that could be associated with a farm. They had developed this idea previously with the goal of raising money for Drought Angels, a charity that supports farmers, their families and the local communities. The students came as farmers, animals, vegetables and scarecrows. Below are some photos from the day.


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Year 1 Edendale Farm Excursion

In Term 4, the Year 1 students have been busy learning about farms, produce and drought. On Tuesday the 27th of November, all 5 classes had the opportunity to visit Edendale Farm in Eltham. Students learnt about the importance of insects in particular they discovered how worms create healthy soil for plants to grow. They also eagerly feed some hungry sheep and created beautiful calico bags using natural materials. The students were excitedly talking about their day and new discoveries on their trip home. Below are some photos of the activities.



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Year 1 Incursion

The Year 1 students have been busy learning about Global Geography. Recently, they have investigated the 7 continents and 5 oceans. On Thursday the 30th of August, Students had the opportunity to view a play by ‘Two Friends Productions’. They met some weird and wacky characters along the way including amazing animals from various countries while they sailed around the world. The students had many laughs throughout the performance.

Below are a few photos that were taken throughout the play.


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