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Year 4 Class Captains

In the first week of term 4, year 4 students were busy working hard on their class captain speeches. Using their knowledge of persuasive writing, students delivered well written and confidently spoken speeches to convince their peers why they should be a class captain.

We are proud to announce the following students as the term 4 class captains:

Top left to right: Bilal Al Mansoury (4WM), Thevin Dassanayake(4MM), Finn Munro, Amar Assi(4AK)
Bottom left to right: Irem Atmaca (4WM) Lucy Borsboom, Arif-Emre Unlu(34S), Aryan Sharma, Jemima Mathew (4AU)
Absent: Georgia Pollakis (4MM)

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Managed World Incursion

On the 29th of May, students in Year 3 & 4 attended an exciting, hands on incursion provided by the Hume Council on Composting and worm farms. Students participated enthusiastically, enhancing the knowledge they have gained this term about worms and the advantages they bring to composting. Students are eager to now construct their own compost systems, as part of their learning in Curiosity.

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Year 4 Class Captains

Over the past few weeks, students in Year 4 have been putting in time and effort to work on their speeches to be a Class Captain. Students have been eagerly awaiting the results and we are proud to announce the Term 2 Class Captains for Year 4 as follows:
4AK– Eliz Atik & Gimash Mudalpath

4AU– Hassan El-Jendi & Keera Grigorakis

4MM– Dumini Manikku Wadu & Dinuga Wasala

4WM– Rusandi Kalyananda & Lucas O’Connell

3/4S– Eran yusuf & Marli Beckwith

Congratulations students!

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