Ace-Hi Ranch

On Wednesday the 4th of May, 70 excited Year 4 students carried their pillows and sleeping bags and boarded the bus for their first ever stay – away camp! The buses were filled with nervous laughter as the students made their way along the Mornington Peninsula to the fun-filled horse riding camp – Ace-Hi Ranch!

Students participated in a range of activities designed to develop confidence, team work and a sense of adventure! The giant swing, flying fox and rock climbing wall were just some of the highlights of the fun 3-day camp.

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The students also had fun learning how to ride a horse and how to shoot a bow and arrow. It was fantastic to see the students working as a team to make their way through the very tricky obstacle course! Lots of giggling and laughter could be heard in the air as the children tried to swing across the ‘lake of alligators.’

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By the end of our three day camp, new friendships were formed, fears were faced (and beaten!) and lots of tired yet happy campers returned home with new found confidence. Congratulations to all the Year 4 campers for their amazing behaviour, manners and attitude!

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