School Council Message

2019 School Council Elections

The following documents relate to our upcoming school council elections.

Parent Information – Schedule A
Schedule 4 – School council election process and timetable 2019


Before you read any further if you haven’t yet had a look at our school history and profile pages go there now then come back.

Greenvale Primary has a long and proud history thanks mainly to the dedicated teaching and support staff and also due to the strong support from the families of our children and the local community.

School Council is a small part of the total picture and is a great way to get involved with your children’s education and the only qualification you need is to care about our children’s future.

The role of school council is one of setting the long term future for the school and maintaining a general overview of the school’s operation including finance, buildings and grounds, fund raising and uniform just to name a few.

There are numerous sub committees of school council so there is always some way of helping no matter how small it may seem.

The pdf below is the School Council Roles and Responsibilities and the function of School Council:

School Council Roles & Responsibilities