Teacher Vacancies will be advertised on Recruitment on Line. Potential applicants need to be aware that our school expects all teachers to work as positive and co-operative members of teams. With the recent construction of a 21st Century Learning Neighbourhood, encompassing large open learning spaces, there is a requirement that teachers working in this area will be prepared to share all spaces in a creative and flexible approach to their teaching. The sharing of planning, resources, assessment and student data within your grade area team and across the school is essential to a high performing team at Greenvale Primary School. Our focus is to reduce inconsistency between classroom teachers through promoting professional relationships and agreement as to what are the best strategies for improving student learning. Literacy and Numeracy are key improvement areas for our school. Peer Observation is a key strategy where teachers are expected to visit other classrooms and provide feedback in order to improve their teaching.

Working in Teams

Our school is part of the Northern Metropolitan Region improvement strategy: AiZ – Numeracy. All teachers are expected to fully support and implement the requirements of this strategy which includes a number of non-negotiable elements in the teaching of Numeracy. These include in each lesson: Number Fluency, Explicit Focus, Differentiated Learning Tasks and a Reflection related to the Explicit Focus.

Our school has invested in and implemented a broad range of ICT resources including interactive whiteboards, iPads, tablets, and desktop PCs. We are currently learning to use the Ultranet which will continue to be expanded to include student and parent use.

A Year 3-6 Camping Program is an important part of our school programs.

Staff participation in whole school activities is strongly encouraged and may include after hours involvement. Activities include Student Concerts, Art Show, Christmas Concert, Parent Trivia Night and a Bush Dance.